Friday, May 30, 2008

My best friend

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I am a 28 year old cross dresser. I have been cross dressing since i was a child. I have no sister, only an elder brother. My mother always wanted to have a daughter. We had a neighbour, Sheela aunty, whose daughter Dimple was about my age. When I was young, Sheela and my mother used to dress me as a in pretty skirts and ghaghra-cholis, along with Dimple , and take our pictures. As I grew old, I began to feel shy, though I used to love dressing up as a girl. So I stopped my mother and Sheela aunty from dressing mke up when I got in class five. Though I used to miss it, I was shy and embarrased.My next chance to dress up in girly clothes came duringin class seven. Ours was an all-boys school, and I was part of the dance group. We planned to perform a dance for our annual festival, and needed four cuples for that. Our music teacher suggested that I along with three other boys dress up as woman for the dance. I refused, being the shy person I am, afraid of being ridiculed. She however convinced one of the three other guys, using emotional appeal. So rest three of us also gave in. Better to be ridiculed in a group, than alone.Though i pretended to accept the proposition grudingly, in private I was more extremely excited to be able to wear feminine clothes. I told my mother, again pretending to be unhappy. She however, was quite excited and told me not to worry. I knew she wanted to see me as a daughter, a beautiful young woman. Our teacher asked all four of us 'girls' us to arrange lehnga-choli for the dance. My mother asked Sheela aunty for Dimple's lehnga choli, on the pretext that it was for some neice of hers. It was a nice silk lehnga with embridery on the edges and a similarly embroided. I used to take it to school everyday, where after the school I used to wear it for the dance practice. Our teacher taught us to wear it perfectly. She arranged bras with padding sewn inside for all four 'girls'. She also taught us to wear false hair, bangles, jewellery and makeup with the lehnge-choli. Seeing lyself in the mirror, I used to feel aroused. At the annual function, out dance was widely appreciated, and our teacher gave the credit to four 'brave' girls. Since then, I played the role of woman in plays and dances on various occasion in the school. Once I even presented a solo dance as a girl. I was wearing a brown backless choli tied at my back with strings, with a matching lehnga and chunni.All this stopped after I completed class 10, and moved to another school. I was more apprehensive here, and never got the courage to repeat my adventures as a girl. My mother urged me a few times to let her click my snaps as a girl, but I refused saying I was grown up now. In the meanwhile, my brother had started working in Delhi and got married. After school, I moved to Delhi for college and started staying with my brother and his wife.My bahbhi Neeta is a very sweet and beautiful woman. I instantly became friends with her. We used to hag around a lot, as my brother was often busy with work. We used to watch movies together and go for shopping. Both of us liked to cook, and would spend hours experimenting with new recipes. On weekends, bhaiya used to take us for dinner or on a drive. Life was almost perfect.Once my bhabhi planned to visit her friend. As I was staying at home, she asked me to put the clothes in the washing machine, once water was available. I agreed. After she left, I lay in my room thinking of her. She was beautiful, fair and smart lady. She had an amazing sense of dressing, and was always perfectly dressed up for the occasion. She could wear a saree or an pair of jeans with equal ease and grace. I began to miss the days when I dressed up as a girl.I came to the bathroom, to do the laundry where the clothes were stacked in a laundry basket. As I picked up the clothes, I noticed my bhabhi's clothes. She had wore a yellow solk saree the previous weekend when we visited a family friend, which was lying in the basket with its blouse and petticoat. I took it in my hands and started feeling the smoothness of the saree. The saree's fabric and fragrance of my bhabi's perfume aroused me. I pulled out the blouse and petticoat as well. Then i took a fresh set of my bhahbi's lingerie from her cupboard. It was a soft silver coloured bra with satin panties.I wound my cotton socks into balls to serve as my breasts. I wore the bra, hooking it in front and then rotaing it back into position. I slid my hands under the straps, and pushed the two socks to act as my breasts. Next I took the petticoat and let it slip down from my head to my waist. I tied the strings, and took the blouse next. I was quite excited now, and took the saree. However, I really didn't know how to tie it. After fumbling many times, i managed to wrap myself in the saree.Next I went back to my bhabi's cupboard, and reached for her yellow bangles, wearing six on weach hand. Then I took out her dark red lipstick, and smeared my lips with it. I now took a long i-shaped bindi and wore it on my forehead. Finally, I wore here gold chain and smacked myself in her perfume. I reached for the full length mirror, and got completely aroused on seeing my reflection. I started moving in the house, swinging my hand and my hips the way a housewife does. After a while I got tired and went to my bedroom, and sat on my rocking chair. I started dreaming about wearing other sarees from my bhahbi's wardrobe......I especially was eyeing a black saree with sphagetti-string blouse that was my favourite. I didn't even realise when I fell asleep.I suddenly woke up on hearing my bhabhi scream.........'Amit, what the hell are you doing, wearing my clothes'. Neeta bhabhi had come back earlier than expected and entered the house using her set of keys. And she was shocked to see me in her clothes. I was now feeling in deep shit. I could just mutter 'I am sorry bhabi'. She shook her head in disbelief. I started crying.Seeing me crying she forgot her anger and tried to console me. After I sobered up, she sat next to me and said, 'Now sincerely tell me why you wore my saree'. I didn't want to lose her trust, and shyly narrated the whole story. I admitetd to her that I liked wearing feminine clothes, and not having done that for so many years, couldn'e resist myself. She got into a serious mood, and became quiet. I thought she's angry with me again, and told her I was sorry, and would never repeat it. I also said that I would try to change my deviant behaviour.But her reply surprised me. She said she didn't mind my interest in feminine clothes, and I shouldn't supress my desires. She said it was OKAY to have desires and fantasies that do not fit in the traditional framework. She said she was even ready to help me in fulfilling my desires, provided my bhaiya doesn't come to know of it. If my brother got the hint, he would be unduly worried that his younger brother will face problems in life as a gay. I couldn't believe myself. I was too happy, and thanked her, promising to act as she instructs.She got up and said,' So hurry, we have a lot to do'. She asked me to get my razor. When i got it, she pushed me inside the bath room, locking me in. She said I will have to erase all my body hair before I could come out. I used my lots of soap and my razor to clean my bosy hair. When I replied I was dome, she slipped a bag inside. I was perplexed, but peeked inside the bag. It had set of bra-panties and a house coat. She asked me to wear the house coat over the lingerie and come out. I quickly slipped inside the panties, getting a hard-on as I felt the soft material of the panties sliding up my legs.As I came out of the bathroom I was feeling shy. Bhbahi came near me, lifted my chin and said, "Now onwards you are my sister-in-law, and I'll call you Amita'. She already had placed her saris on the bed, and asked me to choose one. I pointed out to a light-purple coloured saree. ' Nice choice', bhabi said as passing me the saree and its blouse. She passed me my , and I put them in the bra.I slid my arms through the blouse, hooked it at the front. 'Wow', bhabhi said as I admired my shapely breasts in the mirror. Bhabhi then handed me the pitticoat, which I pulled down over my head and tied it. She then picked up the silk sari and started tying it around me. The feel of the soft silk on my exposed stomach was intoxicating.Next she put kajal around my eyes and applied her light purple lipstick on my lips. She then gave me made me wear matching bangles to wear and made me wear her payal. She parted my shoulder-length hair in the middle and gave me a necklace to wear. She fixed silver clip-on earrings on my ears. I wore the stylish platform-heels she gave me, and tird to banalnce myself. She held my hand to help me balance, and led me to the full-length mirror. I felt I was a sexy sultry woman, and I posed seductively when bhabi asked me to let her click my snaps. She said 'My darling sis-in-law is looking more beautiful than me'. That day I kept wearing the saree, practising to walk in heels and helping bhabhi with household chores.Soon this became a routine, as bhabhi made me try all her sarees and her lehnga cholis. I was in heaven, and thanked God for having such an understanding bhabhi. One day my brother went to Mumbai for a week for some job-related work. Before leaving, he reminded bhabhi to attend the wedding of one of his senior's daughter. Next day bhabhi came to me and said I'll have to accompany her to the wedding. I readuly agreed, and started taking our my clothes. But Neeta bhabhi smiled mischeviously, and said 'I want my sis-in-law to come with me'. I was surprised and said no. But she insisted, and said she wouldn't talk to me if I didn'r agree. I had to give up and agree to her demand. Bhabhi asked me to choose what to wear. I chose her black saree. She smiled and said we'll need to get a good-fit bouse for me to go with the saree. That evening, bhabhi took me to Lajpatnagar market and bought a ready-made black deep-neck blouse for me.She asked me to remove all the boday hair again, and applied facial to me to make my skin smooth. She repeated the process next two days. On the third day, we both got ready as two beautiful young women, bhabhi and her sister-in-law. We drove to the wedding point in Gurgaon. Bhabhi introduced me as a cousin of her brother, who was visiting Delhi.Later we bumped into a friend of my brother, Siddharth. He was completely overwhelmed to see me, and started hitting on me from the first moment. Bhabhi noticed it and excused herself to tease me, leaving both of us alone. As we were talking, I noticed Siddharth staring at my breasts. I was afraid and embarrased. But also excited that I could turn on a guy with my sensuality.Bhabhi came back and announced that ceremony will take some more time to start. As she had to socialise with lots of people, she suggested that me and Siddarth can take a walk outside for a while. I was scared like hell, and was about to protest when he said it was a good idea. He asked me if I was comfortable. I couln't reply. He commented that he will not snatch my chain and flee away. We all laughed, and I mustered the courage to say yes.As soon as were walking outside, he resumed flirting. 'Did someone tell you that you are beautiful', he asked me. 'Just beautiful?', I flirted back. 'No, actually gorgeous', he replied. 'I know it. Are you trying to make a pass?', I shot back. He smiled back ' Not yet, are you looking forward to it?'. Both of us started laughing now.I felt something happening to me . I wanted to flirt and tease this guy as a woman. As we continued our walk he said, 'Amita, I think I am falling for you. Can we see each other after tonight' and held my hand. I was puzzled, but decided it was not wise to complicate things.So I replied, 'Sidarth, I also like you. But I am just out of a relationship, and am unwilling to start again so soon. Don't misunderstand me, as I am too reluctant right now.' 'All right', he said. I said, 'Let's just keep this metting as a nice memory'. He nooded his head and opened his arms to give me a hug. As i hugged him, he embraced me and started crying. I was feeling bad to have broken his heart. So I consoled him, and said I'll always remember him.He placed his hed on my shoulders, and I fondled his hair. He turned his face towards me, and before we realised our lips were locked. We smoozed for eternity, exporing each other with our tongues. He started fondling my back and my butt. I was feeling aroused, and buried my face in his chest. We kissed again, and he turned me and started grinding his crotch aginst my butt, kissing my exposed back. I was getting worried about the situation getting out of control, so I led him into the dark parking lot, inside his car. Once inside, i got on top of him, taking off his shirt, and furiously kssing his muscular chest.His hands reached my waist, and he started puching them inside my saree. I quickly placed mis hands on my head, and bent down to unzip him. Once his monster 8-inch dick was free, I took him in my mouth. I took him deep inside my mouth, and used my tongue on the had of his cock. He was getting excited, and started pushing my head up and down, fucking my mouth. Soon, he burst inside me, and I had to swallow his cum, to prevent my saree from getting spoilt.He thanked me, and put on his clothes, and we kissed again. As it was getting late we got inside the wedding point again. The ceremeonies had started, and I joined bhabhi again. After the wedding was over, he insisted on dropping me and bhabhi. But bhabhi dclined, thanking him and pulled me away. As we sat in the car, bhabhi said that she needs to start looking for a good boyfirnd for ner sis-in-law. I gasped. Bhabhi had never failed to understand and at the same time, surprise me.